Internet of Things

Integrate your hardware into your business processes with our Internet of Things App to reduce manual entries and speed up processing time.

Integrate your hardware into your business process and improve visibility.

The example you will see in the video is of a weigh ticket system integrated (not interfaced) directly into the business process.

The weighbridge operator can now see exactly what is on the sales or purchase order to know what is expected to be delivered or received. This enables your users to authenticate the correct stock item and quantity to leave your premise and expect the correct stock item and quantity to enter minimizing losses, returns and credit notes.

You can subsequently gain valuable insights into what has been done, what still has to be done and what has been missed with smart line-item states, linked documents, visual cues and integrated reporting.

This can be done with any other device that can be connected to via an internet or serial cable. For example, flow meters, fridges, heaters, accelerometers, production machines, monitors, and many more.

Reconcile transporter costs:

When a system can track the cost of transportation at the source of recording that information and automatically create a liability for you to pay in the future, you will find it very easy to reconcile your transporter costs to what you have been charged.

This minimizes the time to match your actual costs with what you were charged and to ensure accuracy.

Inter-departmental communication

Integrating business processes in one platform creates seamless inter-department communication and can easily create a push or pull factor that empowers users to do far more with less time spent.

For example, you can easily run a report to see which delivery notes or weigh tickets have not been invoiced before the end of your billing cycle and include the necessary documents on the next statement run.

Each department, creditors, stock controllers, weighbridge operators can view their detailed reports that can be filtered to see what they need to do or still need to process.

Eliminate manual errors and speed up processing

Imagine being able to invoice weigh tickets with a click of the button and minimizing finger trouble or theft between the processing of weigh tickets and invoicing by removing the manual entry of weights and enabling invoicing with one click of a button.

Real time Excel Reporting

All of the reports in AugTool can also be run directly in excel by enabling the AugTool Excel Plugin. This allows you to setup management report packs directly in excel and to refresh data in Excel in real time. The user can filter each report and refresh the data to see what is happening as soon as it happens. The report filters are saved in your excel file so that you can simply open the file and click refresh at any time.