Powerful and Intuitive!

It is our vision to be the easiest to use, best in breed ERP solution in the small to medium space. We make enterprise features accessible to you in an intuitive way.

This includes integrating your Weigh Bridge into your sales and procurement process, production with production orders and production runs with recipe templates, multi warehouses, management accounts with cost and income centres grouped into profit centres.

We also enable the internet of things with the ability to connect your system directly to Hardware and a multi company database with one login to transact and report across all your companies.

So many companies who outgrow their basic accounting system do not have the luxury to upgrade to a complex, powerful and expensive ERP. We carefully select feature sets from larger solutions and make them available to you at a price that does not break the bank

With the ability to operate in multiple tabs in your browser with a real time ERP, you are able to do many things at once and gain more value from the system. This is especially important when you are asked to do something for someone quickly while you are busy with something else.

AugTool also locks into certain business flows chosen by the user at the beginning of a process. This ensures that there are no duplicate documents created and creates coherent and intuitive information popups.

In the demonstration you can see that every document from one deal is linked to every other document. By using the linked documents section, you will be able to navigate to every connected document if you have the rights to do so. Creating visibility and connecting documents like this, speeds up any query and enables your employees to answer customer and supplier questions quickly.

With many ERP solutions, you will need to customise your solution to work for you. We work closely with our clients to build what they need into the core of our system without customisations so that you never have to worry about lengthy and expensive upgrades. All new feature releases are automatically turned off in the user rights section and can be enabled by you if you choose to do so.

To scale your business, you need to connect your people and processes with integrated cloud technology. This enables the blend between control and efficiency with easy access to reporting across all business functions in one system.

We are experts at deploying your solution quickly, getting your staff up to speed and then continuously improving. Contact us below for an in-depth demonstration.

What you can see that we have built the ERP for efficiency supported with the power of integrated modules. What you will also notice is that it is very easy to use and built for the web and mobile so that you can work from anywhere in the world.

Please contact us should you wish to have a more in-depth demonstration.