The Future of ERP - With real time transaction processing and reporting!

Welcome to a demonstration of the fastest Cloud, Web based ERP in existence on a live production environment. No jokes.

This is what the future looks like!

Loading screens almost instantly, looking up products quickly and running reports in real time allows users to focus on what matters instead of blaming the system and wasting valuable time.

An ERP should support and enhance the user's role and should never slow them down in any way. Waiting for screens to load, waiting to look up product codes, waiting to post invoices should be a thing of the past!

Many large ERP providers are trying to simplify their systems or procedures to cater for the medium sized market but still end up delivering a product that is over complicated or too costly for the medium sized market.

Many small accounting providers have taken the route of enhancing their systems with plugins from third party vendors. This ultimately leaves the people confused or in need to over complicate their small system with many integrations that do not truly meet the medium sized market needs.

When an ERP can perform faster than the user's hand-eye coordination, they can focus on making better decisions based on real time reporting and communicating with their customers and suppliers efficiently.

This demonstration showcases the speed and simplicity of a real time ERP system.

When you are empowered to work quickly in this way, you free up so much time to efficiently respond to queries and complete your work load on time while enjoying the process.

Actually enjoying what you do is also what the future looks like!

The usability of a system is also an important factor with regards to the user's experience. The less frustrated your users are the more professional they will be. Users spend a lot of time in front of their screens, our goal is to make this process as quick and enjoyable as possible.

Just imagine if you could actually respond to client and supplier requests in real time while giving them actual stock values, lead times and reports that actually reflect what is going on!

With a visual language, linked documents, and the ability to open many documents in multiple tabs your employees are able to work in parallel or do many things at once.

What if you could actually do more in the same time with more accuracy? What would that mean to you?

An intuitive user interface and built-in system rules enables users from one department to easily take over from another. This reduces the need for ad hoc staff replacements and lowers capacity constraint risks.

Another important fact about a lightning fast and easy to use system is that the implementation, setup and training of the system is reduced. This means that the cost of an implementation is greatly reduced and change management and user resistance is minimized.

Don't you want to save time and money on implementation, training and setup of a system that you never thought you qualified for?

AugTool is built and run on the latest enterprise coding stack that has built in security, session management, encryption and database backups. All you need is an internet connection (capable of 3G and higher) and a browser to access and process transactions and reports. You will also always be on the latest version of the system and will also never have to manage and pay consultants for building and supporting customized code.

Augative also does not lock you into long term contracts and provides unlimited users in its license.

There are very few (if any) medium sized market competitors that have a blend of complexity and simplicity all in one package.

Clients want the power of the large complicated systems and the simplicity of smaller accounting packages. This is what you get with Augative!

All reports and data in every implementation we have ever encountered ultimately end up in Excel. In traditional systems data in excel is not live and will not reflect current changes without re-running reports and exporting to excel. With AugTool’s Excel app you have direct access to real time and live data, enabling users and management to setup excel report packs and refresh data in real time.

Empower your users with real time reporting in Excel, the trusted data analytics platform!

In summary, we find the blend between complexity and simplicity and offer our clients enough power while keeping it simple. With one platform, one solution, one company, easy-to-use technology and an intuitive user interface, you can enable your users to get up-to-speed with minimal resources and do what matters sooner rather than later.