Support Guidelines

Effective date: 30 June, 2020

Augative is a brand of software owned and managed by:

Dev Technic OU (Augative) Physical Address: Kuuse 2, Keila linn, Harju maakond, 76607, Estonia.

The word “Augative” is used as a representation of Dev Technic OU in this document.

Our support process aims to address three key pillars while supporting you namely:

Consistency – One repository, and one channel that everyone trusts and is accustomed to.

Traceability – Rich reporting, ticket status, and escalation to better understand our clients’ needs.

Accountability – Reciprocal accountability in addressing tickets in collaboration.

The primary channel for raising support, from initial report through final resolution, is through our online portal at. Please contact Augative via the contact us form to gain access to the support portal at

A. Before submitting incidents

The first line of support lies within the Client organisation. The responsibility and onus to diagnose and resolve incidents arising within the software is the responsibility of the Client.

If the Client is unable to resolve the incident internal to the Client organisation, the Client will escalate the incident to the Augative Support Team via the Support Portal.

B. Submitting incidents

Incident: means each individual issue where the software is not conforming to the functionality as reported to Augative technical support by a Contact.

Contact: refers to qualified named person, knowledgeable in the Augative tool, and is a proficient user of the Software. The client is expected to make every effort to ensure that the individuals, who are designated as authorised Contacts, are qualified and trained to support their teams internally. After contacting Augative to set the Client up on the support portal, the Named Contact will be assigned.

Who may submit incidents?

Only designated, named Contacts, are able to submit incidents.

How to submit incidents?

All incidents are submitted through the online portal.

How to report an incident?

In order to log and track the resolution of incidents, Augative expects that Contact will make every attempt possible to:

  • Verify that the incident is reproducible on the Supported Platforms for the Software (as applicable).
  • Provide information necessary to help Augative track, prioritise, reproduce, or investigate the Incident, such as: Full screenshots, report exports etc
  • Provide a full description of the issue and expected results.
  • List steps to reproduce the issue and relevant data.
  • Provide exact wording of all issue-related error messages.

C. Support response and incident resolution

Augative incident response procedures

For each incident reported by the Contact in accordance with these procedures, Augative shall by means of best effort:

  • Confirm receipt of the reported incident within the response time as listed below
  • Set an updated priority level for the incident in accordance with the descriptions below
  • Use commercially reasonable, best efforts to respond to the incident within the time specified below
  • Analyse the incident and, as applicable, verify the existence of the problem(s) resulting in the incident, which may include requesting the Contact to provide additional information, logs, and re-execution of commands to help identify the root cause and dependencies of the reported issue
  • Give the Contact direction and assistance in resolving the incident
  • Keep a record of ongoing communications with the Contact
  • Use commercially reasonable, best efforts to resolve the incident in accordance with the target response times
  • Upon request of the Contact, discuss severity level and ongoing communication time frame

Priority levels and response times

Augative will prioritise incidents according to the following priority level criteria:

Priority Level Description Response Time
Urgent Critical Business Impact. The Contact’s use of the software is stopped or so severely degraded that the Contact cannot reasonably continue work related to the software and no workaround is available. 4 business hours
High Substantial Business Impact. Important software features are unavailable with no workaround available. The Contact's use of the software is continuing; however, there is a serious impact on the Contact’s productivity. 1 business day
Medium Some Business Impact. Important software features are unavailable, but a workaround is available, or less significant features are unavailable with no workaround. The Contact's work related to the software has a minor loss of operational functionality or implementation resources. 2 business days
Low Minimal Business Impact. The Contact requests information, an enhancement, or documentation regarding the software but there is no or a minimal impact on the operation of the software. The Contact’s use of the software is continuing and no work is being materially impeded at the time. 3 business days

Support operating days and hours

Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

Escalation Procedures

Escalations are only permitted on severity ‘High’ or ‘Urgent’ issues. Primary escalation procedure is to raise the issue with Client’s account manager and they will internally escalate.

D. Resolution and closure of incidents

Incidents shall be closed in the following manner:

For solvable issues, depending on the nature of the issue, the resolution may take the form of an explanation, recommendation, usage instructions, workaround instructions, or requiring the Contact to upgrade to an available software fix.

In the event that custom or unsupported plug-ins or modules are used, Augative may ask, in the course of attempting to resolve the issue, that the Contact remove any unsupported plug-ins or modules. If the problem disappears upon removal of an unsupported plug-in or module, then Augative may consider the issue to be resolved.

For issues outside of scope of support services, Augative may also close issues by identifying the incident as outside the scope of the support services.

Dropped issues, Augative may close a case if the Contact has not responded to two (2) attempts or more made by Augative to collect additional information required to solve the case.

We are fanatical about our support and strive to ensure that your business runs smoothly. As such, these guidelines will be updated to assist continuous support improvements.