Fast Track your ERP deployment!

Limited offer to launch an enterprise-ready Cloud Based ERP within 12 weeks with Augative's new Rapid Deployment Program.

With a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach, you can launch quickly and then continue to add complexity in multiple phases. One of the biggest hurdles for implementing a new business system is resistance to change. With a fast MVP approach, users can get used to new feature sets over time but are assured that critical business functions still enable them.

To scale your business you need to connect your people and processes with integrated cloud technology. This enables the blend between control and efficiency with easy access to reporting across all business functions in one system.

We are experts at deploying your solution quickly, getting your staff up to speed and then continuously improving. Contact us below for an in depth demonstration.

It is Augative’s Vision to be the easiest to use cloud based ERP in the Small to Medium space, especially for complex businesses with production, warehouses and multi currency requirements. As you can see in the demonstration, our ERP is super fast and intuitive. This means that training your staff and getting value from the system happens quickly and each staff member is easily enabled to perform multiple tasks with little to no extra enablement.

As a technology partner, we also implement and develop enhancements with you to improve your business over time into the core of the system with no customisations. Augtool is a solution that will grow with your business requirements while maintaining control and ease of use.

Contact us here to arrange a free demonstration: